SOS SAHEL invests in local solutions for sustainable change in the Sahel and Africa

For more than four decades, SOS SAHEL has partnered with local actors to tackle food security, livelihoods, and climate challenges.

Why is the Sahel critical to sustainable development in Africa?

The Sahel is one of the poorest regions of the continent but also one of the most important. Currently more than 90% of people rely on farming, but in the face of climate change, communities are threatened by desertification. 

Its population will reach 500 million people by 2050. That means half a billion Africans who need greater livelihood opportunities and climate resilience. Investing in environmental restoration and agricultural innovation is essential for the security and well-being communities in the Sahel, and for Africa. 

SOS SAHEL celebrates African expertise and locally led development.

Founded in Dakar, Senegal more than 40 years ago, SOS SAHEL believes in the power of local solutions for development. African farmers have generations of expertise at the nexus of food security, climate and livelihoods that is ready to be tapped in pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals and African Union Agenda.

Rather than relying on knowledge imported from the Global North, SOS SAHEL builds a bridge between local, national, regional and international partners and resources — in particular ensuring that marginalized voices, like women and youth, are given a seat at the table to determine Africa’s future. This drives innovative partnerships and knowledge exchange to disrupt traditional models of development as we pursue greater opportunity, security and prosperity for the Sahel.

SOS SAHEL programs are led by a network of more than 1,000 local actors, committed to a greener, climate-conscious future for the Sahel.

SOS SAHEL’s Green Initiative Will Secure Africa’s Future.

Voices from the field

Disrupting traditional development models with the Africa Days.

SOS SAHEL launched the annual Africa Days in Dakar as a one-of-a-kind gathering between local communities, experts, and global investors in sustainable development.

You can help build a stronger, more vibrant Sahel!

By investing in African voices and solutions, together we can overcome drought, desertification, hunger and insecurity.

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