Fostering cross-border trade between Ethiopia and Sudan

Developing resilient agricultural systems and transforming the living conditions of local communities by strengthening the gum arabic sector and increasing access to water

This project aims to strengthen the livelihoods of 30,000 farmers, improve living conditions and increase agricultural productivity by revitalizing the gum arabic industry and creating access to water.

The cross-border region between Ethiopia and Sudan is plagued by water scarcity and lack of infrastructure. This project will support the gum arabic industry and encourage the marketing of gum arabic between the two countries. The construction of sand dams in this arid area will increase access to water for both agriculture and consumption.


Ethiopia-Sudan, Cross-border region



jobs created through the construction of sand dams
smallholder farmers (50% of which are women) will gain access to water year-round
jobs will be created through a revitalized gum arabic sector
increase in the sale of gum arabic through improved market linkages
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by investing in this project you will contribute to the sdgs:

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The project aims to support gum producers, especially young people and women involved in this sector, by:

  • Promoting access to training in gum harvesting, production and marketing techniques
  • Raising awareness on integrated water resource management and land protection
  • Supporting and strengthening cross-border trade in gum marketing

This project also aims to train young people in the construction of sand dams to ensure access to water for both consumption and agricultural needs. Indeed, the sand dam is one of the most cost-effective water harvesting systems in arid areas.

Funding for this project...

by investing

$ 375,000
  • you will construct 30 sand dams, increasing access to water in the region

by investing

$ 132,000
  • you will train 6,000 gum arabic smallholder farmers

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