Gum Arabic, Sahelian gold

Improving the gum arabic value chain structure to increase the income of local communities

Since 2009, SOS SAHEL has been working on a gum tree project in the province of Guéra, in the south of Chad. Since the establishment of this project, our teams have supported the professionalization of 28,000 producers, providing them with technical assistance. Based on these positive results, SOS SAHEL intends to scale up and target new areas to duplicate this impact across the region, while prioritizing the creation of employment opportunities for women who are traditionally present and active in the gum arabic industry.

This project aims to strengthen the sustainable management of gum trees and other natural resources to ensure a reliable source of income for local communities.


Chad, Guera province



hectares of land planted with gum trees
farmer groups will be created and trained
increase in income for gum arabic smallholder farmers
0 %
hectares of restored land

by investing in this project you will contribute to the sdgs:

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For years, SOS SAHEL has been working with producer groups to increase the quantity and quality of gum arabic through:

  • the use of adapted tools for gum harvesting
  • support for training and information on the gum market
  • group sales and structuring of producer groups

Beyond the development of the gum arabic industry, producers are encouraged to plant as well, thus contributing to reforestation and counteracting desertification in the region.

Funding for this project...

by investing

$ 130,000
  • you will create 40 producer groups and 4 farmers' unions and provide comprehensive training on gum arabic production

by investing

$ 200,000
  • you will support the sustainable management of gum arabic land

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