Beog Puuto, “Fields of the future”

Boosting agricultural production by creating service centers for 350,000 smallholder farmers

Since 2019, Beog Puuto has been one of the most ambitious projects of SOS SAHEL with both a social and ecological dimension. Through this project, SOS SAHEL plans to restore 30,000 hectares of agricultural land to the benefit of the Burkinabe population, 72% of which practice agriculture on degraded land. This project is a large-scale environmental action with a goal to improve the living conditions of rural communities subsisting on agriculture. This project, which takes place along the area of the Great Green Wall, aims to support 350,000 smallholder farmers in efforts to improve their food security and production capacity by providing them with community-based agricultural services.

Since its launch, 15,000 hectares have already been restored to the benefit of local producers who have been able to restart and renew their agricultural production.


Burkina Faso - 4 regions (East, Central-North, North and Plateau-Central)


5 years (2019-2023)

service centers established
increase in production for 350,000 smallholder farmers
0 %
jobs created
households improve their food security

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This project aims to create 40 agricultural service centers to meet the needs of local farmers: supply quality seeds, access to agricultural credit, equipment, business management training and storage space. Indeed, beyond the problem of land poverty, smallholder farmers often do not have access to basic services that are essential for viable agricultural activity. The service centers will enable farmers to increase their productivity tenfold. 

Eventually, these service center will to become economically viable with a model that can be easily replicated elsewhere.

Funding for this project...

by investing

$ 125,000
  • you will establish one service center in a community

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