Djibouti – Boosting Goat Farming

Disseminating innovative practices to support the goat industry and strengthen the resilience of breeders

This region is one that is traditionally characterized by high poverty levels. With nearly 60% of the population living below the poverty line, coupled with a climate crises, the region faces growing food insecurity. We must strengthen the goat farming sector and ensure its  resilience by introducing innovative, sustainable and profitable, farming and production techniques.

This project aims to strengthen the goat sector’s value chain, from farming through the processing and production of goat-derived products. This project promotes women’s empowerment while fostering job opportunities in the sector. 


Tadjourah, Djibouti



goat farms will be opened in 10 communities
women will be employed​
businesses will grow from each farm​
increase in the production of derived products​
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by investing in this project you will contribute to the sdgs:

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Together with Goat Farmer Groups, we will:

  • Execute technical and organizational trainings.
  • Equip 10 goat farms with improved breeds that are better adapted to the Sahelian climate and provide higher production yields.
  • Provide better access to agro-veterinary services.
  • Adopt innovative plant-based feed production techniques, ensuring a sustainable and reliable source of animal feed.


All told, this will increase income, jobs, quality of life, animal feed production, and breeding capacities.

In addition, with Craftsmen and Processors, we will support the opening of a butcher shop and small dairy plant that will provide a diverse supply of derived products for better valuation of the goat sector.

Funding for this project...

by investing

$ 325,000
  • you will support the creation of a goat farm

by investing

$ 80,000
  • you will support the creation of two businesses.

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